We are a female owned and operated business.

As a women-owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on exceeding industry liquidation standards in third-party debt collection.  Our team works successfully with customers to resolve difficult financial situations, treating everyone with dignity, respect, and compassion throughout the process.  Following strict compliance standards, our goal is two-fold: work with individuals to resolve their outstanding accounts, bringing them to a good standing; and, provide our clients with confidence that they can turn to us for their account related needs. 

Our Core Values.

Revenue Reporting Services stand by our core business principles and values. We incorporate them into everything that we do.

We pride ourselves on having a culture of honesty in our office. It is important that honesty begins from the top down and includes our management as well as our staff. At Revenue Reporting Services we have an open-door policy and expect honesty amongst ourselves and with our consumers. We want each consumer to feel comfortable asking questions about their account and trust that they are receiving honest answers.

Each of our representatives follow strict ethical guidelines throughout their interactions with our consumers.  It is important to our company that each consumer have the best experience possible, and this starts with the way that they are treated by our representatives from the very first contact.

Our team operates in a positive atmosphere, understanding that a positive attitude and outlook carries to all aspects of one’s life.  Along with our positive work environment, we strive to have positive interactions with all consumers to help manage their potentially stressful situation.

Each representative is taught to approach all interactions with consumers with compassion.  We understand that consumers may be facing difficult times.  Our goal is to reach a conclusion that benefits the consumer while continuing to meet the standards of our clients.  Having compassion for others extends beyond our interaction with our consumers and is an important part of our team atmosphere as well.

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