It has now been one year since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States.  So much about our daily routines and way of life has changed during that time.  While we may have now become accustomed to our “new normal”, that does not mean that the stress it has caused has dissipated.  In an effort to help combat against employee burnout and stress caused by the pandemic, management at Revenue Reporting Services has instituted Mindfulness Mondays.  Each Monday in February, and then every other Monday ongoing, Stacy uses her background in mental health/social work to teach different aspects of mindfulness to our staff.

Regular mindfulness practice not only has a positive impact on mental health, it also can positively impact physical health.  Chronic stress can wear down the immune system, making a person more likely to become ill.  When someone experiences chronic stress, it also increases their likelihood to develop heart disease, diabetes and leads to an increased risk of experiencing a stroke.  Simply carving out a small amount of time for regular mindfulness practice can help decrease susceptibility to anxiety, depression, panic attacks, a weakened immune system, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Our goal is to help everyone find different ways that they are able to recharge themselves as well as continue to manage stress on a day-to-day basis.  Employee wellness and happiness is one of the top priorities at Revenue Reporting Services.