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Our Mission Statement: To recover 100% of the lost revenue of our clients through all legal means necessary to recover lost funds. We want to add a positive to your bottom line.

How We Achieve Our Goal: Our collection specialists review each account turned over to our firm within 10 days. Upon review they decide the best course of action. These courses of action generally include contacting the source of the lost revenue and trying to work out an arrangement with them. If this is not possible within a 45 day time frame, the case is forwarded to a Private Investigator who will provide this office with all assets and liabilities as well as current employer of the source of lost revenue. Upon review of this information the specialist will contact a local attorney within our national attorney network established using local collection attorneys to proceed to the full extent of the law.

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Please call our toll free number or send us a fax if you wish to have your lost revenue collected to the fullest possible extent allowed by law. We work with you and your clients to achieve an outcome suitable to both parties, if this is not possible we have the means to use forceful recovery tactics with our attorney network.


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